The iScholars program was created to help achieve President Tim Sands’ aspirations to expand student engagement in the National Capital Region by offering collaborative experiential learning opportunities to all Virginia Tech students. It is a holistic undergraduate program that helps prepare students for the workforce through classroom learning focused on intrapreneurship, professional development, peer learning activities, mentoring, and opportunities to work in interdiciplinary teams on real world projects for partner organizations  based in Washington, DC. The iScholars program is part of the Office of the Vice President for the National Capital Region (OVP NCR) which provides leadership and comprehensive support for the university's broadening presence in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.


“By showing how exciting the process of innovating can be, iScholars has defined and influenced my career goal to market meaningful products at a forward-thinking company,” 

"My love is working on new initiatives, projects, and technologies as a go-between who can provide value to both the technically minded and those steeped in business aspects. The iScholars program has helped me test my abilities, take them further, and do so with great results.”

"iScholars has helped shed some light on how vibrant a city like Washington, D.C., can be despite all of the more restrictive government contracting that goes on here. This city is full of amazing innovative people and industries."

Cyclists commuting in DC in front of the Capitol

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