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Getting students workforce-ready and resilient for careers of the future

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Experiential Learning

One credit classes designed to develop 21st Century Skills through experiences that mirror the workplace of today


Mini-Capstone Projects

Consulting projects where teams of students from all disciplines do real work for real companies that create a stepping stone to great internships


Innovative Recruiting

Virtual career fairs to connect students with iScholars company partners who want to hack antiquted student recruiting processes


Are you feeling the pressure to get an internship? Are you worried you're not doing enough to find one before the summer? We'll teach you the steps to landing a paid internship in a career interest area whether you're in the program or not!


Do you want to engage with students earlier in their academic careers? Do you want to see students work on projects before you hire them? Schedule a time to talk with the program director to learn more about becoming an iScholars Partner.