Workplace Tech and Communication

During your first semester of sophomore year, this class will teach you how to effectively use common workplace tech to colaborate on projects and communicate in ways that are consistent with what professionals in the workplace expect. You'll learn how to use tools to manage group work, how to schedule, facilitate, and follow up on teleconfernecing meetings, as well as gain an understanding of the common elements that make up the organizational technology stack.

iScholars Mini-Capstone

During the second semester of your sophomore and second semester of your junior year, this class will have you complete a real work project for an iScholars partner company located in the DC area. You'll rank projects you're interested in and then be placed on a team for 4 or 5 other sophomores and juniors with different majors to complete the project over the semester.  You'll lead weekly teleconferencing meetings with a point of contact from your partner company to keep them informed of your progress and get feedback on how you're doing. A teaching assistant will be assigned to your group to sit in on your meetings and help give you advice about how to complete the project along the way. At the end of the semester, the class will travel to DC to present their projects to their points of contact in person at the iScholars Showcase. You'll have an opportunity to showcase your abilities to all the employers attending as well as networking with them over snacks and drinks. 

The Intrapreneurial Process

Taken in the first semester of your junior year, this course will teach you a process for creating value wherever you work upon graduation that will accelerate your career. Becoming proficient in your primary role, creating relationship capital with coworkers, analyzing the organization for gaps, develop ideas for solutions, socialize your ideas with others, developing an interdisciplinary support team, developing a minimum viable solution, test your MVP to gather data, and pitching to decision makers on your solution are all covered to make you a powerhouse of innovative change that gets you recognized at work.