We get it. Figuring out what you want to do with your life is hard. Everyone is asking you questions like, "Why did you choose your major?" and "What do you want to end up doing with that?" Maybe you're already completely confident in your education and career choice? Maybe you have doubts about whether you're doing the right thing to have a career that makes you happy? Maybe you're just trying to have fun with the time you've got in college and you're scared to think about these bigger questions and what lies beyond these 4 years. Whatever your situation might be, when it comes to decifering what kind of career you want, iScholars is here to help you discover it. We here to show you the path to landing a job you'll be happy with upon graduation.

Our program is focused on you, the student. We recruit students of all majors to join the program through a simple application and interview process. Selected students join the iScholars community and begin taking 1 or 2 credit experiential learning classes each semester designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to obtain internships as well as graduate with a job in hand that will launch you into a successful career. The courses include learning how to use common workplace software for effective professional communication, the intrapreneurial process for creating value in an organization, as well as remote work projects where you'll be placed on an interdiciplinary team of students to do real work on projects for iScholar's partner companies. Additionally these courses will hold you accountable for doing the professional development work you need to do to ensure you find yourself an internship during the academica year with assignments like attending career fairs and practicing interview questions. The opportunity to get real world experience to add to your resume as well as meaningful references with the companies you work with is extremely valuable and not something many students get to do during the acamdeic semester. The companies you do projects with might be impressed with you and proactively recruit you for their team. Other iScholars partners who know the value of the experience you're having might reach out and proactively recruit you just for being in the program!

To be clear, iScholars students are NOT guaranteed an internship. That being said, the program does many things to ensure we're connecting you with people at companies who are looking for outstanding students. You'll be able to participate in the iScholar Virtual Career fair exclusive for iScholars students and the program's partner companies. This fair allows you to connect with recruiters from iScholars partner companies via chat and video conferncing in the same way you would talk with them at an in-person career fair. You'll also have the opportunity to attend the iScholars Showcase in DC to present your projects in-person as well as network with them while you're there.

In todays world, it isn't enough to just do your academic classes and hope everything else will work itself out. iScholars is the best way for you to ensure you're setting yourself up for success after college. Sign up for our mailing list to get advice on things you can do right away to make yourself a more attractive internship or job candidate as well as be notified when the application is launched.