2017 Course 1

The 1 credit onboarding course is designed to teach students how to be the type of professionals that can apply entraprenurial concepts in an existing organization; in other words, how to be an intrapreneur. Employer partners spend time in the class room reviewing intrapreneurial case studies and emparting their wisdom on to students. The class also requires students work in interdiciplinary teams to execute a project for a partner employer and present their solutions to employers in person at the Research Center in Arlington, VA. Additionally, the course requires students to execute the activites necessary for finding an excellent internship for the summer months. The program does not require students to work for our partner employers, not does the program require partners to hire students in the program. We do strive to create relationships between students and employers as well as create incentives for both parties to consider working for partners or hiring those in the program.

Learning Outcomes for the course include

  • identify the key skills for success in the professional workplace
  • define and model processes and characteristics of a successful innovator and intrapreneur
  • articulate what activities increase probability of obtaining a job and how to execute them
  • articulate the environmental and internal factors that influence business decision making

Student Testimonials

"the course has been very helpful. It has given me skills that will help me be more professional, engage my creativity and entrepreneurship, and help me collect my thoughts about my career."

"as a part of iScholars and its' course,  I can expand my skillset as both an engineer and an entrepreneur in tandem, apply the hard skills that I have learned in class to real-life scenarios, and learn from peers and like-minded individuals in the corporate world."

"as a result of the iScholars course, I am able to enhance and refine my skills in communication and develop a firm foundation in team work and gain experience of working in a legitimate atmosphere."

Course Instructors

Bryanne Peterson

Bryanne Peterson Ph.D. is an Assistant Research Professor in the Research Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology. Bryanne has 16 years of military service and a decade in education. She's made a career out of putting her critical thinking and communication skills to good use serving both community and country. Right now she focus on making a difference in the field of STEM Education through her research and the sharing of that knowledge.