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Do you want to be confident and feel prepared?

Do you have doubts about the major you've chosen? Do you worry you won't make enough money to be happy when you graduate? Are you anxious about whether your eventual job will be fulfilling? Are you feeling the pressure to get relevant work experience but have no idea how to go about it?

Of the 2018 graduating class, 55% had regrets about something related to planning for life after college.

Graph of regrets senior students have when they graduate Virginia Tech

Many students have these same concerns.


iScholars is here to help.


1 Credit

One credit classes designed to develop 21st Century Skills through experiences that mirror the workplace of today


Mini-Capstone Projects

Consulting projects where teams of students from all disciplines do real work for real companies that create a stepping stone to great internships


Professional Development Bootcamps

Bootcamps to make ensure your job hunting materials are and online profiles are in top shape for finding the opportunities you want. 


Virtual Career

Virtual career fairs to connect students with iScholars company partners who want to hack antiquted student recruiting processes

What is iScholars?

We get it. Figuring out what you want to do with your life is hard. Everyone is asking you questions like, "Why did you choose your major?" and "What do you want to end up doing with that?" Maybe you're already completely confident in your education and career choice? Maybe you have doubts about whether you're doing the right thing to have a career that makes you happy? Maybe you're just trying to have fun with the time you've got in college and you're scared to think about what lies beyond these 4 years. Whatever you're currently feeling, when it comes to decifering what kind of career you want, iScholars can help you discover it.

1 Credit Courses

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21st Century Workplace Skills

During your first semester of sophomore year, this class will teach you how to effectively use common workplace tech to colaborate on projects and communicate in ways that are consistent with what professionals in the workplace expect. You'll learn how to use tools to manage group work, how to schedule, facilitate, and follow up on teleconfernecing meetings, as well as gain an understanding of the common elements that make up the organizational technology stack.

iScholars Mini-Capstone

During the second semester of your sophomore and second semester of your junior year, this class will have you complete a real work project for an iScholars partner company located in the DC area. You'll rank projects you're interested in and then be placed on a team for 4 or 5 other sophomores and juniors with different majors to complete the project over the semester.  You'll lead weekly teleconferencing meetings with a point of contact from your partner company to keep them informed of your progress and get feedback on how you're doing. A teaching assistant will be assigned to your group to sit in on your meetings and help give you advice about how to complete the project along the way. At the end of the semester, the class will travel to DC to present their projects to their points of contact in person at the iScholars Showcase. You'll have an opportunity to showcase your abilities to all the employers attending as well as networking with them over snacks and drinks. 

The Intrapreneurship Process

Taken in the first semester of your junior year, this course will teach you a process for creating value wherever you work upon graduation that will accelerate your career. Becoming proficient in your primary role, creating relationship capital with coworkers, analyzing the organization for gaps, develop ideas for solutions, socialize your ideas with others, developing an interdisciplinary support team, developing a minimum viable solution, testing your MVP to gather data, and pitching to decision makers on your solution are all covered to make you a powerhouse of innovative change that gets you recognized at work.

The iScholars Showcase

The US Green Building Council team from Fall 2019 presenting their project to the iScholars Partners at the Virginia Tech research Center in Arlington, Va.

The US Green Building Council team from Fall 2019 presenting their project to the iScholars Partners at the Virginia Tech research Center in Arlington, Va.
The US Green Building Council team from Fall 2019 presenting their project to the iScholars Partners at the Virginia Tech research Center in Arlington, Va.

Each spring semester students in the Mini-Capstone course travel to the Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, Va to network with employer partners over lunch and present their final projects. It's your time to shine and show the iScholars partners what you're capable of and why you deserve a chance to work at their organizations. Much better than a typical campus career fair, employers get to see you in action and you'll meet contacts beyond campus recruiters. It's your audition and you'll be prepared to nail it.

Professional Development Bootcamps

Students doing workshop

Each semester we host a professional development bootcamp to make sure your resume is polished, your LinkedIn profile looks stellar, and your Handshake profile is on point. We'll make sure you know all the tips and tricks for how to make yourself standout in a positive way.

Virtual Career Fairs

Once each semester iScholars hosts an exclusive online chat event for you to talk to recruiters from our partner companies about job and internship opportunities. We'll help you put your best foot forward and you'll have an edge over the compitition since our partners know the value of the iScholars experience. 

See an Example of Work

The Plan

Apply to

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Submit a simple application online and attend a group interview. No minimum GPA required!

Benefit from Classes and Events

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Go to iScholars classes and events to discover, grow, and build relationships.

Obtain an Awesome Internship or Job 

professional handshake

Leverage the experience you gain from the program as your competitive advantage and stepping stone to a professional opportunity. 

DC Capital Building

2019-2020 Partners

Deloitte Logo

Deloitte Logo

Past iScholars Partners

What iScholars Students Say ...

Matt Eberhart '20
Major: Computer Science

Headshot of Matt Eberhart

iScholars served me as a platform to market myself to smaller companies that needed interns. The program introduced me to a successful Founder/CEO of a start-up and I was able to intern for him after just my freshman year of college. The opportunity to do real work for a real company at that age was an enormous stepping stone on my path to becoming a Microsoft Engineer.

Through the iScholars courses, I have learned to have confidence in myself. I learned how to best do interviews, speak publicly, and communicate my ideas effectively. iScholars helped me discover what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to improve on both of them. Further, the iScholars program helped me to generate ideas and tactics for internships. I wouldn't have been able to obtain my Data Sceince Intern position at Booz Allen Hamilton without this experience.

Lizzi Duncan '21
Major: Statistics and Mathmatics

Headshot of Elizabeth Duncan

Elizabeth Kaniecki '20
Major: Civil Engineering

Headshot of Elizabeth Kaniecki

iScholars provided training and helpful tips to enhance my professionalism. I was able to build strong resumes, cover letters, and business etiquette that helped me to effectively communicate and promote my talents to companies. I was able to ask the right questions to companies to find the best match between me and potential employers. I've worked as an intern at Rinker Design Associates and Transurban in large part because of the iScholars program.