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The War for Talent is On, But Where's the Talent

Unemployment is at a record low and finding young telented professionals is hard. College students have great potential, but it takes a ton of work to find the ones that fit your company and when you do they need a lot of developing before they're really affective. With the limited knowledge you have of them when they're hired, they might not end up working out after all that and costing your organization a ton of money.  

If this sounds familiar, iScholars wants to show you a new model for avoiding these problems. We're on a mission to improve your perception of how competent students are upon graduation. We've heard the critiques and iScholars is a program designed to address them. In our constantly changing world, it isn't enough for students to just go to class. Students who plan to enter the workforce after graduation need professional experiences during their undregraduate years to achieve from day one. iScholars teaches students to excel in the workplace with experiences that mirror the professional work environment and develop 21st Century Skills with the help of our partner employers. We know we can only go so far with mirroring work experiences in the classroom, so we give students the structure and opportunities they need to find their own internship. If your organization is an iScholars Partner it's very likely they'll find that internship with you. 

How Does it Work? 

Partners sign up to work with a team of 4 to 5 sophomores and juniors in the iScholars Mini-Capstone course in exchange for a small fee. During the fall semester, partners submit work projects to the iScholars team and scope them appropriately based on the staff's experience. During the following spring semester, the interdiciplinary team of students meets with a point of contact from your organization on a weekly video conferencing call to discuss the progress they've made and illicit feedback. At the end of the semester the program brings students to the Virginia Tech Research Center in Alrington, VA for the iScholars Showcase where you'll be able to watch final presentations from all the teams and network with students over lunch. 

That sounds interesting but what are the benefits?

  • Develop your employer brand with Virginia Tech students earlier in their academic career
  • Execute discrete pieces of work for low cost with student teams
  • Participate in the curriculum development and refinement to have students better prepared to work with you
  • Test students abilities and quality of work before hiring them for internships or full time offers OR hire students well in advance and make your offers contingent on adequate performance in the program
  • Have exclusive access to recruit a driven group of students who have received intentional workplace preparation at a cost effective virtual career fair